Floating Covers For Potable Water

Floating Cover Systems For Potable Water

Floating covers prevent losses through evaporation.  Odor and taste free, they help protect potable water supplies by minimizing reservoir contamination from dust and dirt, leaves, insects, animals, etc.  Literally tons of such debris can collect at the bottom of uncovered reservoirs.  This can actually trap chlorine, and make it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a sufficient amount in the water itself.

Floating covers also exclude sunlight.  This reduces problems with algae growth and chlorine depletion.  Floating cover systems are customized for each client’s lagoon or tank size and shape.

The American Water Works Association and many states recommend covering all reservoirs containing potable water that will be delivered directly to customers.  Some states even require it.

Floating cover applications:

  • any type of gas collection from water basin
  • keep rain & snowmelt water separate from wastewater under the cover

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