Floating Covers Eliminate Algae Growth and Reduce Odors

Floating covers eliminate algae growth and airborne contamination, and reduce odors, evaporation and thermal losses.  Covers may be modular or all-encapsulating.  The latter covers fully encapsulate the upper surface of the reservoir by being mechanically fixed and sealed around the perimeter.  They can be designed to allow for fluctuating water levels, rainwater drainage and routine access.

Floating Covers

Floating covers use flexible geomembranes to enclose the top of a pond.  Floating covers are commonly used for odor control, dilution and evaporation control, and in the containment of treated potable water.  A floating cover is an economical alternative to tanks and concrete vaults for water storage and is one of the few techniques available to cover very large volumes of water.

Floating covers are a unique use for geomembranes where an engineered membrane system is placed on top of the liquid in a pond.  This cover needs to move with changes in water level, resist movement in wind, collect precipitation, and resist damage from ice.

The Modular Cover System offers the following advantages over conventional covers systems:

  • maintenance free
  • can be installed on tanks or lagoons
  • adepts to varying water levels
  • individual casings are removable
  • installed without site interruption
  • shorter installation time, no field welding required
  • installation requires less heavy equipment
  • eliminates rainwater ponding problems
  • eliminates gas ballooning
  • high buoyancy and rigidity
  • hatches can provide access to in-basin equipment

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