Geomembrane Liners Using XR-5 Technology

Geomembrane Liners can be installed for the following applications:

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), PVC, EPDM, Reinforce
  • polypropylene (RPP) & XR-5 liners
  • secondary containment systems
  • tank liners
  • landfill liners
  • pond/lagoon liners
  • stud liner systems
  • golf course pond liners
  • pipe liners

XR Geomembranes
are the most durable and strongest geomembranes in use today.  They are specified worldwide for projects including wastewater impoundments, landfill liners, floating covers, tank farms, and potable water applications.  Each XR Geomembrane is capable of performing in the hardest, most difficult environments.  XR-5 grade geomembranes are high-strength, chemically resistant membranes that are best suited for high temperatures, and broad chemical resistance applications, including acids, oils and methane.  XR-5 geomembrane is UV resistant, has a coefficient of thermal expansion 1/20th of polyethylene, and has an extremely high yield tensile strength.  After being used in the most difficult applications around the world, XR-5 is recognized as the first choice material in a countless number of projects.


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