Bio Wastewater Treatment Part 1

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Biological treatment — the use of bacteria and other microorganisms to remove contaminants by assimilating them — has long been a mainstay of wastewater treatment in the chemical process industries (CPI).  Because they are effective and widely used, many bio logical-treatment options are available today.  They are, however, not all created equal, and the decision to install a biological-treatment system requires ample thought.  When considering biological wastewater treatment for a particular application, it is important to understand the sources of the wastewater generated, typical wastewater composition, discharge requirements, events and practices within a facility that can affect the quantity and quality of the wastewater, and pretreatment ramifications.  Consideration of these factors will allow you to maximize the benefits your plant gains from effective biological treatment.  Those benefits can include:

  • Low capital and operating costs compared to those of chemical-oxidation processes
  • True destruction of organics, versus mere phase separation, such as with air stripping or carbon adsorption
  • Oxidation of a wide variety of organic compounds
  • Removal of reduced inorganic com pounds, such as sulfides and ammonia, and total nitrogen removal possible through denitrification
  • Operational flexibility to handle a wide range of flows and wastewater characteristics
  • Reduction of aquatic toxicity

The use of microorganisms to remove contaminants from wastewater is effective and widespread.  To choose the right system from the many options offered, understand the various techniques available and evaluate them based on your requirements.


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