Floating Cover Systems

Floating Cover Systems

Floating cover systems have been used successfully for nearly 30 years.  With current advancements in design and materials, floating covers offer a low cost alternative to traditional tanks, concrete vaults and fixed-cover systems used for liquid and semi-solid storage.  Applications for floating covers can be far reaching, but the primary objective of a properly designed cover is to either prevent the loss of characteristics desired for your containment effort, or to prevent the introduction of particulates and other characteristics that negatively affect the containment effort.

Floating cover designs fall into a few specific types.  Defined Sump, Tensioned and Modular are the more common designs.  A variety of geomembranes have proven effective in these system designs: HDPE, reinforced polypropylene and XR-5 are just a few.  Floating covers can be used for potable water storage, odor control, methane gas capture, heat loss prevention, deter algae growth, chemical containment, evaporation control, airborne contaminants and to prevent dilution.


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