Anaerobic Digesters For Lagoons Part 2

Anaerobic Digester Lagoon With Methane Gas Recovery

Anaerobic lagoons are perhaps the most trouble free, low maintenance systems available for treatment of animal waste. This is particularly true in the southern U.S.where winter temperatures are mild, permitting anaerobic digestion the year around.  The effluent from the digester is a valuable source of nitrogen for plants that can be field applied for improved crop production.  Placing a cover over the lagoon for collecting biogas virtually eliminates odor from the lagoon.  The collected biogas, a byproduct of the digestion process, is typically 60 to 70 percent methane that can be utilized as a valuable energy resource.  Limited experience indicates that odor from field application of effluent from two cell covered lagoons is much reduced from what might be expected when applying untreated or uncovered lagoon effluent.  A properly designed, constructed and operated anaerobic digester is a low maintenance system that is very forgiving and not likely to create emergency situations that can be expected with many alternative waste management systems.  Adding methane recovery to the anaerobic digester increases maintenance, but even in the event of failure of the gas collection system, it will not interrupt the waste stream and digestion process.  It is well suited to the livestock industry.


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