Gas Collection Floating Covers Applications and Advantages

Gas Collection Covers

Gas Collection Covers can be specifically designed for each client utilizing a variety of material options.

Gas Cover Applications:

  • any type of gas collection from water basin
  • keep rain & snowmelt water separate from wastewater under the cover

Gas Cover advantages:

  • can be installed without site interruption
  • can be installed on tanks or lagoons
  • eliminates rainwater ponding problems
  • eliminates gas ballooning
  • provides high buoyancy and rigidity
  • hatches provide access to in-basin equipment
  • pre-manufactured panels improve quality
  • are fabricated at IEC’s plant, so field welding is not required

Gas Collection Covers are floating cover systems used to collect gases from wastewater treatment lagoons, sludge ponds, aeration systems, flow equalization tanks and pretreatment tanks and agricultural waste.

In the case of anaerobic digestors, gas cover systems are used to capture biogas.  The biogas can disposed of in a flare, or it can be burned to generate process heat or electricity.   Other benefits of a gas cover system include reduction of process heat loss/gain, elimination of water evaporation and prevention of sunlight penetration.

Features can include insulation, automatic rainwater removal, baffles, sample ports and hatches. Nearly any water level fluctuation requirement can be accommodated.

These durable, UV protected covers can be installed quickly without disrupting plant operations and are easy to maintain while in service.  Gas floating covers are strong enough to safely support foot traffic, light vehicles and snow loads.


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