Custom Floating Tank Covers

Floating Tank Covers

Floating tank covers can be custom designed for lagoon or tank applications.   Floating covers are a cost-effective alternative to many aluminum or fiberglass dome applications and do not require venting (non-gas-collection applications), recirculation or explosion proof equipment.  Tank covers can adapt to varying water levers and in-basin equipment.  They also install easily and quickly.

Tank Co
ver Advantages:

  • maintenance free
  • fabricated to your exact tank shape
  • the contents of the tank can be mixed without removing the cover
  • hatches provide access to in-basin equipment
  • can be designed to operate around piping/mechanicals inside the tank

Floating tank covers are used on open topped tanks where a structural cover would be too expensive. Floating tank covers are made with flexible geomembrane materials made to stand up to sunlight and the many chemicals found in tanks.


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