Floating Cover Applications Part 2

Floating Covers are designed to provide many years of lasting service in a variety of environments and the following applications:

  • odor control
  • algae control
  • wastewater treatment
  • potable water treatment
  • biological treatment
  • gas collection
  • rainwater prevention
  • bird/animal control
  • chemical storage/containment
  • airport glycol containment
  • food industry
  • pulp & paper
  • manufacturing water reuse
  • pond liner systems
  • tank liner systems
  • pipe liner systems
  • stud liner

Many have provided a service life beyond 20 years.  When first introduced, materials and designs were not developed and in some cases had limited success.  Today, with advancements in design and materials, floating covers offer the low cost quality solution of choice where water quality standards require potable water reservoirs be covered.


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